Carl Rullmann,
one of the original 13 
West-Chester-Tea-Party board members passed away on Monday, November 20, at Hospice in Blue Ash.

Carl was a true Christian and a passionate patriot. He always acted faithfully on what he believed. He was a principled person and his legacy continues to live through his Cincinnati Enquirer letters to the editor, the candidates he helped finance, his suggestions to constantly improve the work of the Tea Party, and in our memories of the fun kid he always was inside.
We love you, Carl, and will miss your endless trust in God, energy for liberty, and love of our country, until we meet again.
When we know the plans for the memorial service, we’ll get back to you.
Tea-Party Pot-Luck 
December 5th
Several topics are still in the process of being considered. We have contacts to make, etc. We’ll be back to you after Thanksgiving. 
Please plan to come and bring whatever you choose.
In Liberty,
West Chester Tea Party 


6:30 pm Snacks, 7:00 pm Meeting
Indiana Wesleyan University, 
Union Centre Campus
9286 Schulze Drive, 
West Chester, OH  45069
Vote on November 7!
Then come to our Tea Party meeting. We’ll use film-clips to look into global indoctrination in the public schools, and how this affects the beliefs, attitudes, feelings and behavior of our students and young adults.
A round table of home-schooling mothers will let us in on the set-up, educational materials, and workings of the home school and co-ops. Bring along questions. Our panel will be happy to answer them.
We will end with Q and A on a topic of interest to all.


We appreciate all those who brought snacks at our last regular meeting. Hope you will contribute again. Thanks so much. 
In Liberty,
West Chester Tea Party 

Greene County not to endorse until after filing deadline

All over Ohio candidates running for governor are trying to use their political ties and recruiting efforts to get party endorsements and we’ve seen some county parties endorsing in October. Greene County had their CC meeting last night and as the Freedom caucus chair I heard rumors that Mike DeWine supporters were going to attempt to make a motion to endorse him for Governor. The leadership of the party elected last year backed by the […]

IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, admits wrong doing issues apology

WASHINGTON – Today, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) announced that they have agreed to settle the lawsuit brought by the Portage County TEA Party and 35 other TEA Party and conservative groups for the targeting of TEA Party Groups during the Obama Administration. In the settlement the IRS acknowledges that its treatment of the TEA Party groups was wrong, details how it has installed procedures to […]

Rep. Meadows’ Statement on Oversight, Judiciary Committee Investigation of Obama DOJ

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