Kaptur Town Hall in Vermillion

KapturFrom Michal M of TEA in Lorain County. Rep. Marcy Kaptur held a town hall on August 31 at the Vermillion library discussing a wide range of topics with an extra emphasis on the algal blooms that greatly impact the western coast of Lake Erie. She took questions that addressed the refugee resettlement program, the VA appeals backlog, the story of a German teen who was denied entry by customs agents (story here and follow-up here), […]

Jordan Town Hall in Amherst

JordanFrom Michal M of TEA in Lorain County. Rep. Jim Jordan held a town hall in Amherst on September 1, and began by listing major policy changes as well as political problems that have occurred over the last two months. Because we are constantly inundated with 24/7 news cycles that are more interested in ratings than in content, people may not recognize how significant these issues actually are. Over the last ten weeks: the Supreme […]

Bob Sillman, A friend and a leader

BSilimanTo Everyone, As you know, one of the leadership team from our Patriot Group has been forging a 4 year battle with cancer. He has courageously undergone three rounds of chemo in this fight, never quite willing to give up and say, ‘let’s quit’… Bob was not a person to back up, once he started going forward. For Robert (Bob) Silliman, that battle ended in the morning on Wednesday August 26th. One of the last […]

OLC – Statewide Meeting September 19th

OLC_Sep19_logoYou are cordially invited to the  Ohio Liberty Coalition’s  Statewide Meeting Date:  Saturday, September 19th Time:  9:00am – 3:30pm Place:  The Hope Center of Marysville 212 Chestnut St, Marysville, OH 43040 MAP Please mark your calendars for this statewide event. We will have Ohio Supreme Court Candidates, an update on Voter Photo ID, Ohio Citizens for Property Rights, Exhibitors, and Special Guest Speakers. Network with Patriots from around Ohio, and join us for a delicious lunch! We again, […]

Gov Kasich’s Ohio Miracle is really an Ohio Mediocrity

OpportunityOhioLogoFrom Opportunity Ohio; “…So much of Ohio Governor John Kasich’s argument for supporting him in the 2016 Republican presidential nomination process is his “Ohio Miracle” story. A large part of this story rests upon the raw number of jobs generated during his tenure. Thus far, he has been able to push this story to the lazy national media which doesn’t take the time to think about whether that metric is an apples-to-apples comparison with the […]

Calling all Ohio based conservative Political Action Committees

PACsFrom Your-Name-On-The-Ballot.. Many conservative groups and organizations across Ohio have created their own Political Action Committees (PAC). This allows these groups to directly support conservative candidates and issues in their areas and across the state. We are compiling a list of these Ohio based conservative PAC’s.  This list will be published on our “Resources” page in an effort to allow candidates and donors the ability to reach your PAC directly.  We’re also working on a […]

A Common Core “Data Sharing Agreement” every parent must read

27806303_sFrom Ohioans against Common Core. The Straight A Fund is a $250 Million grant fund established in Governor Kasich’s biennium budget. It is touted as an innovation program, stating “educators now have an unprecedented opportunity to put good ideas into action”. To no one’s surprise, it is the same cast of characters using millions of Ohio tax dollars to capitalize on your child’s personal and education data for the benefit of the education establishment and […]

Festivals and Fairs great opportunity to get signatures for WFA

Sunbury 1_600EVERYONE MAKE HAY(collect signatures)WHILE THE SUN SHINES We were collecting signatures this SUPER weekend at the Sunbury, Ohio Sun and Sizzle Festival held in the Town Square!! Lots of fun with the “great fair and festival” food! The signatures were all collected standing on the public sidewalks where parking lots feed into festival and buses drop off attendees!! Fairs and festivals are where you can get the greatest number of signatures in the “shortest amount […]

Ohio Precinct Project workshop in Ravenna

OPP_LogoLast night, I had the opportunity to talk to the Citizens to Patriots group in Crawford County about the Ohio Conservatives United. Anytime I’m asked to speak to a group, I always try to put a plug in for Workplace Freedom and one of the most important programs in Ohio, The Ohio Precinct Project. Following the discussion on OCU,  I asked the group if they knew about the Republican Party County Central Committee and we […]

Steve Kraus sentencing today in Ottawa County

Steve-Kraus-HeadshotFrom Ralph Kraus, Fireland Patriots. I hope everyone got the message that the sentencing was moved up to 10:00 am this morning. We met outside the Court House and prayed for 30 minutes. I would estimate around 40 observers entered the court room as spectators filling all available seats. 95% were Steve’s family, friends and supporters. From the Prosecution side, we saw only the owner of the house Helen Stein & someone with her. No […]