West Chester Tea Party Townhall

Join us on August 20th for the West Chester Tea Party Townhall.  Doors open at 5430 West Chester Road at 6:30 with snacks and socializing.  Meeting begins at 7pm.

August is the month of town halls.  Citizens all over the country will be meeting with their Congressman and asking them questions about the state of our government.  Since we are not having a town hall with Speaker Boehner we have decided to have a town hall of our own here in West Chester.

Getting ready for our Trustee Forum on September 5th,  we will ask questions about West Chester issues.  Members will have the chance to talk about facts and issues in our township and brainstorm questions for our forum.  Government can be a very complex thing to master.  There are budgets, staff, rules, regulations….  Some of us know township issues.  Together we will discuss the issues that face our township and give each other information we can use to influence others in our community.  This should be a very lively meeting.

In addition to local issues, we will also ask questions of each other on federal issues.  With all the scandals in the news this will be a very lively discussion.  Come with questions and with answers that we can share with each other.

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  1. Catherine Stoker

    I was surprised to read that our local Tea Party was having a Trustee Forum on September 5th. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. Hoping that my presence at the forum would be welcome, would you please send me information regarding where and when the event will be held; as well as what rules and procedures will be used at the event. Thanking you in advance, Catherine Stoker, West Chester Trustee

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