Replace John Boehner

Do you have a friend whom you grew up with? Maybe you played together as children; went to the same elementary school. In high school you were on the same football or basketball team, or worked together on the class play, or competed for honors, all the time remaining friends. Later you both married and your spouses and children socialized together.

At some point in time, after holding local office, your friend decided to run on the national scene. You were thrilled. He was the perfect person to set them straight in Washington. You were behind him 100%. He took on the bad guys with gusto as soon as he arrived, and truly represented you and the rest of his constituency. The years went by. You saw him when he came to town, and got your families together to visit.

Then in 1995 you heard something that bothered you. He was reprimanded for handing out packs of $10,000 on the House floor to those who supported tobacco companies. You couldn’t believe it, but he was your friend. As time went on he became Speaker of the House. You celebrated with him, and yet there was that incident you couldn’t get off your mind. Had he changed?

As Speaker you saw a different man. Obamacare was voted into law. The House holds the purse strings. Conservatives all over the country, seeing it for what it is, a government-control tool, pleaded with him to use the leverage available to him in his position to defund it, but he refused. You couldn’t understand why. The question kept recurring in your mind.

When the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) came to the floor, he was for it. The bill means that you, as a T.P. member, could be accused of a crime against our country. No evidence would be required. You or someone you love, who disagrees with the path our nation is taking, could be put in jail, indefinitely, without a trial.

When the NSA (National Security Administration) decided to spy on your phone calls, and give all your private information into the hands of the government, your friend stood behind it. Drones were considered necessary for spying on the population, in the pretense of national security, and your friend approved them. He fully supported the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) act, which was initiated by the United Nations, agreeing that the sovereignty of our nation should be transferred to the hands of a world tribunal.

The most important challenge came with our debt. During the time of his speakership, he allowed our debt to rise by $3trillion, from $14trillion to $17trillion. The House approves spending bills. Over and over again this Administration has pushed for more spending, and the raising of the debt ceiling. Conservatives have been totally against it. You have children, and maybe grandchildren. You are a responsible person, one who wants to leave his heirs with some money to ease their lives. You want them to have a better life, not one where they need to struggle with finances, because of the debt your generation has left them. You don’t want them to live through the catastrophe of a monetary collapse or a take-over by debtors.

That moves us to the point of the story. Many of you know John Boehner, and really like him. He’s been your friend for a long time. You don’t want to take his position from him, but look at what’s going on. Right now, though we have a majority in the House, we don’t have a Speaker who truly represents us. No one wants to hurt a friend, but the consequences of not removing him from office will be devastating.

There are two men running against him this time. They are Eric Gurr, 48-yr-old independent business owner,  and J.D. Winteregg, 31-yr.-old teacher and Ph.D. student. We urge you to vote for one of them, to force Congress to replace the Speaker, and give us the representation we need.

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