Constitutional Bootcamp V

ConstitutionDayPic smallJohn and I would like to thank those who have stepped in so quickly to offer us the use of their facilities, for FREE, as the venue for our next Constitution Boot Camp.

What has come out of this is the possibility of holding these Boot Camps all around SW Ohio. This would give everyone more choices for where they would could attend a class.

Having said all of that, we would like to announce when and where we will be holding Constitution Boot Camp V.

We are scheduling the one day Constitution Boot Camp Class V for Saturday April 12th. We are holding the class at Contingent Network Services located at 4400 Port Union Road, West Chester, Ohio, 45011 . The class will run from 9:00AM -3 PM, lunch will be provided (included in cost). This is a wonderful facility that will offer a comfortable environment for the class.

Listen Up!

Listen Up!

The cost of the class is $20 per person. If you have more than one coming from the same family and only want one set of books, it will only be $5 for each additional person. Included in the $20 cost is a book on the Federalist Papers, a copy of the amazing book, the “5,000 Year Leap”, and a copy of “The Constitution Made Easy”. Everyone will get a notebook with the presentation and other selected papers for you to read and use as a reference. Lunch is included for both prices.

This session is appropriate for teenage students, in fact we had children as young as 10 at our last Boot Camp. Parents and Grandparents, we encourage you to bring your children & grandchildren to the class !

This class includes the following:

How did the Founders view government ?
Who were key influencers on the Founder’s thinking ?
What is Natural Law ?
What is the relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution ?
What are the Federalist Papers ?
What tools are available to assist you.
How to read the Constitution.
Much More

To RSVP for this class please email ALL name(s), emails and phone numbers of each person to Jim Lewis, you will then receive an acknowledgement email in return to confirm your reservation. Also please indicate who will be getting the book sets and who will be getting only a notebook. Sign up now, seats are limited and if recent history is any indicator, they will be going fast !

We look forward to seeing you there !
Yours In Liberty,

Jim & John

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