We have a chance to get our schools back!!!!
>>THIS is what we’ve been waiting for!!!!    If this passes, then LOCAL CONTROL OF OUR SCHOOLS WOULD BE RETURNED: no more wasted instruction time…no more hours and hours of invalid tests…And, no more crazy teacher evaluation processes that are mandated by the state!!!!


TODAY, Monday, Rep. Andy Thompson will introduce the Local Authority Restoration Act – LARA Bill –
We need phone calls by the hundreds. We are trying to fill the voice mail boxes. Call now today to urge them to support this.
Call and say: “My name is _______. I am calling as a member of the grassroots education movement and we support the local control bill being introduced Monday (today) by Rep. Thompson. “
House Leadership (with above message):
Cliff Rosenberger   614.466.3506
Jim Buchy   614.466.6344
Dorothy Pelanda   614.466.8147
Ron Amstutz   614.466.1474
Barbara Sears   614.466.1731
Mike Dovilla   614.466.4895
Local Rep ( Margaret Conditt (R), District 52, (614) 466-8550:   Call and say: “My name is _______ from (city, county or school district). I am calling as a member of the grassroots education movement and we support the local control bill being introduced Monday by Rep. Thompson. I would also like to ask for your support of the bill as a co-sponsor OR I would like to thank you for your co-sponsorship.”
Current Co-Sponsors: Timothy Ginter, Thomas Brinkman, Paul Zeltwanger, Warren Co. (where is Margy Conditt?) Terry Boose, Ron Young, Ron Maag, John Decker, Stephen Hambley, David Hall, Ron Hood, Kyle Koehler, Tony Burkley, Jim Buchy, Nino Vitale, Steve Kraus, John Becker, Wes Retherford, Anne Gonzales
A quote from Kenna O’Sullivan from Action for Mason Education or Action4OhioEducation facebook: “Once this bill is introduced on Monday 5/18, there are only 5-6 weeks left before their Session is out for THREE MONTHS… If this bill doesn’t get somewhere between now and then, there is no hope for anything to significantly change before school starts again in the fall.We need to urge our state legislators AND OUR LOCAL Board of Education and superintendent to support this bill so that we can get back to being the amazing district we were before this garbage was heaped on us…where our children were learning ALL year and weren’t stressed out about tests that will serve no purpose other than hurt our teachers and give the big testing companies more money…a district where our fabulous teachers don’t have the shackles of these harsh state mandates on their hands…where our schools are a happy place again. Our children and our teachers deserve to be happy and they deserve to thrive. Until this governmental overreach stops, that is not going to happen. Making due isn’t good enough!!”

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