West Chester June 16 Meeting



6:30pm Snacks, 7:00pm Meeting

Life Church

8480 Cincinnati-Columbus (Rt. 42) Reading Road

West Chester, OH 45069

If ever there’s a case of heartless self-interest masquerading as we care for you, it’s Agenda 21!  Essentially, Agenda 21 is a global enslavement plan with coordinated international agendas disguised as unconnected schema for handling local concerns. 

Wendy Sizemore,  Pickaway County 912 Chairwoman and Agenda 21 expert will expose the enormous government property scheme to take all private property and then cluster all of us into smaller and smaller spaces called “sustainable communities”. Your local “Planning Commissions” are all in on this scheme. She has documented all of her information.

This agenda is all about control.  WHY are they doing this?  What is the purpose?  She presents 6 falsehoods which make up Agenda 21 and will explain what’s going on, focusing mostly on our local issues.  

Read more:   https://deweesereport.com/2016/05/17/six-issues-that-are-agenda-21/

We will also have reports from our committees. Please don’t miss this important meeting. 

In liberty,

West Chester Tea Party Board



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