Please call or email our District 8 Congressman Warren Davidson to thank him for recently co-signing H.R. 377, a bill which designates the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. That organization has infiltrated our government and continues to influence national security. Their stated goal is to substitute Sharia for our Constitution.
Rep. Davidson also recently introduced the Article One Restoration Resolution. The resolution would advance the House GOP’s BetterWay agenda by requiring a review of statutes that give the Executive Branch inappropriate lawmaking authority. The last Administration took advantage of its real and perceived discretion to increase taxes, stretch the Clean Water Act to enact WOTUS, undermine welfare work requirements, and attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Read more here
“Our Founders intended for the laws of this country to be written by those who are accountable to the voters. Unfortunately, for too long Congress neglected the hard work of legislating, and instead passed vague laws that give way too much authority to unaccountable bureaucrats. That must stop, ” said Davidson. “We owe it to the American people that the laws we write are clear, transparent, and Constitutionally limited.”
Support this resolution by urging all House members to sign onto this and share with others. 
In Liberty,
The West Chester Tea Party Board

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