Workplace Freedom

Our goal of Ohioans for Workplace Freedom is to secure workplace freedom for all Ohioans by amending Ohio's Constitution to guarantee the freedom of Ohioans to choose whether to participate in a labor organization as a condition of employment.

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What is the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment?

The Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment guarantees Ohioans have a choice in whether or not they join a labor union and pay dues or fees at their place of work as a condition of employment.

Workplace freedom is about choice – the choice to join a union, and the choice to not join a union. Workplace freedom guarantees that decision is left to each individual’s personal preference by insuring that no one is forced to pay union dues or fees just to have a job.

Unfortunately, Ohio is currently a “forced union” state. That means – if a workplace is unionized, in order to have a job at that place of business, you can be forced to pay union dues or fees just to have a job.

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What DOESN’T the Workplace Freedom Amendment do?

The Workplace Freedom Amendment

  • DOES NOT end unions or forbid any union contract provisions other than forced dues or fees
  • DOES NOT prevent unions from forming
  • DOES NOT prevent anyone from joining a union
  • DOES NOT apply to employees of the federal government (per federal law)

Why would we want to make Ohio a Workplace Freedom state?

1. Personal Freedom: choice should be protected for all Ohioans. No one should be forced to join a union or pay dues or fees against their will just to have a job. Freedom has no singular owner, nor should it. In guaranteeing workers their freedom of choice, we are protecting individual freedoms for all Ohioans.

2. Economic Growth: Workplace Freedom means – more job growth, increasing wages and more opportunities for everyone! See more on economic growth of workplace freedom states HERE.

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