Carl Rullmann,
one of the original 13 
West-Chester-Tea-Party board members passed away on Monday, November 20, at Hospice in Blue Ash.

Carl was a true Christian and a passionate patriot. He always acted faithfully on what he believed. He was a principled person and his legacy continues to live through his Cincinnati Enquirer letters to the editor, the candidates he helped finance, his suggestions to constantly improve the work of the Tea Party, and in our memories of the fun kid he always was inside.
We love you, Carl, and will miss your endless trust in God, energy for liberty, and love of our country, until we meet again.
When we know the plans for the memorial service, we’ll get back to you.
Tea-Party Pot-Luck 
December 5th
Several topics are still in the process of being considered. We have contacts to make, etc. We’ll be back to you after Thanksgiving. 
Please plan to come and bring whatever you choose.
In Liberty,
West Chester Tea Party 

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