A Message from Tom Z.
Fellow Patriots,

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!  I know the Holiday Season is very busy for everyone and it would be great if we could just forget about politics, but we can’t.  Not now.  The very fate of our nation is hanging in the balance as we expose the unbelievable corruption across the board in our Federal Government – particularly the FBI and DOJ.
I just got off the phone with Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.

I had sent him a text asking him “What can we do to help support your efforts?” and he called so that we could talk about it.
Here are some things we need you to do: 

1) Jim says he needs us to keep the FBI/DOJ Investigations “alive” and in front of people.  I need you to send emails, post on Facebook, send out Tweets, post on Instagram, and put stories on your websites.  NOW.  

Here are some links to video’s/stories you can post with important recent disclosures:
Please get this information out to people in your community, so they understand that the FBI and DOJ Colluded to influence OUR VOTES in the Presidential Election last year and then after WE elected Trump, they hatched the “Trump Russia Collusion” Fraud in order to take away OUR VOTES and impeach Trump!  This is TREASON and ALL of these people need to go to jail

2) Jim feels that we must have a second special counsel and I asked him if we had someone we could trust to be that person.  He said that they did NOT and that we needed to find someone and start promoting that person for that position.  I said that I would put out the word and ask our people to find some names of people from outside the DC/New York Swamp who would be a good choice.
Please talk to your contacts around the nation and do some research and let’s find someone from Oklahoma or Texas or someplace in the center of the nation who perhaps had worked in the DOJ in the past and did not get swallowed by the swamp, but had instead been a State Attorney General or something who could put together a team that could investigate ALL the Obama Administration and Clinton Issues.  If you have suggestions, please pass them on to me and to your congressman.  Then we can start promoting them for the job.
3) Please help keep the pressure on for a second special counsel, the IG is just not going to be able to do what needs to be done and we certainly cannot count on anyone in the DOJ or FBI to investigate themselves.
For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
WCTP meets at:
Indiana Wesleyan University,
Union Centre Campus
9286 Schulze Drive,
West Chester, OH  45069
We will have a Special Meeting on “The Second Amendment”,
Tuesday, Jan. 2nd
 Walt Davis will give details about his Second Amendment Coalition organization, and Attorney, Sean Maloney, from 2nd Call Defense, will inform us about the benefits of insurance if you have a permit to carry. Some of you signed up for this class, but it is open to all.

We will have another

Special Meeting,
 “Learning to Twitter”, on Tuesday, Jan.16, with Michelle Heywood
This is also open to all.
Please mark your calendar!!

In Liberty,
West Chester Tea Party Board

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